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This is a BOOT CAMP. Our method of training is Honest. Intense. Rigorous. Experienced Demanding. This is done so that you are ready to go to work immediately.

What we are NOT:
Not a school. Not a class. Not a seminar. Not a powerpoint presentation.
Not an academic method of “education”. 

What we ARE:
It is a short, intensive, strict, rigorous “BRAIN-COMBUSTING” program.
Our goal is to mold you into the kind of Set P.A. and/or Office P.A. shows want to hire.

P.A. Bootcamp is designed as a real-world, practical job training program. If you are going to work as a P.A., wouldn’t it be better to know what is going on all around you?  We prepare you thoroughly and completely for the job of Production Assistant, which is your first step into the entertainment business as it has been for many highly successful producers, executives, directors and others currently working in the industry. 

All production paperwork
Production terminology
Hands on radio training with radios (walkie talkies) & Surv. Mics
Set protocol, i.e. “do’s and don’ts”
How the A.D. team functions
Other crew departments function and interaction
Gear and supplies
The Office P.A. (Distribution, Sides, Script Revisions)
How to anticipate the needs of your production
Lock-Ups, Call Outs, Daily & Nightly duties
Film and TV versus commercials/videos/low budget P.A.
Preparing your resume
Where to find production jobs and navigating an industry career path

Not all types of productions are the same. One skill set is not necessarily applicable to ALL shows. P.A. Bootcamp trains for ALL types of production.
Features: big and small budgetsEpisodic TVReality showsCommercialsMusic videos
Streaming Shows, Student Films, Short Films

Price & Sign-up:
2-Day Weekend Session

Hours: Saturday: 9a – 5p Sunday: 9a – 5p
Cost: $250.00
Deposit: $50.00 (required)
Deposit is deducted from the cost of camp
You must be 18 years of age or older to attend our program.
We do not advise high school students to sign up.

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Final payments are due in full by the morning of the first day of camp.
For Deposits: We accept Paypal, Cash, CheckCashier’s Check, or Money Order made payable to “PA Bootcamp”
For final balance due at the camp location, we accept Credit Cards, Check, Cash or Money Order. Make checks payable to “P.A. Bootcamp”

Reschedule & Cancellation Policy:
The $50 deposit is not refundable and applies ONLY to the weekend you sign up for.

CLASS SIZE: We are not able control our attendee count. People drop out, people cancel, people do not show up, this is not something we are able to predict. Average “size” is 8. We will hold a session at minimum of 6 “campers”.